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About Us

About Trinity Behavioral Consulting

Founded in 2022, our company was built with the mindset that parents and families of children with autism are key drivers in their children's progress and the field as a whole. At Trinity Behavioral Consulting, we ensure that our leaders have extensive experience working directly with children that have autism. And we’ve seen that for every child that has exceeded their diagnostic limitations, there stands a collaborative and persistent parent or parents by their side. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to help children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders on their personal life journey. 


Vision & Values 

Our vision is to provide accessible ABA therapy to every child in the community diagnosed with autism or other neurodevelopmental disorders.  We believe we can achieve this goal by advocation for better access and resources to families, encouraging more people to join the ABA career field, and staying true to our core values. 


  • Positivity: Provide a constructive and encouraging environment that fosters growth and confidence. Choose kindness. 

  • Perseverance: We have a responsibility to our clients to work through challenges and focus on optimistic outcomes. 

  • Teamwork: Working collaboratively with other team members towards the same goal, spark creativity and advancement. 


Why Trinity Behavioral Consulting?

Trinity Behavioral Consulting (TBC) approach to treatment is naturalistic, using everyday family routines to foster generalization of skills and to promote independence right from the start. Our programs focus on increasing each client's motivation to learn, making each session both fun and functional. TBC utilizes Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) methodologies as the primary framework of our programs. We also consider all scientifically proven methods when tailoring each program to fit the unique needs of each client. TBC keeps your family in mind throughout the process to make sure you are completely aware, onboard, in agreement, and hopeful with working on your approved goals! 


Want to see how we can work with you? Contact us to learn more!

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