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Applied Behavioral
Analysis (ABA)


Occupational Therapy
Mentoring Program & Learning Center

We offer personalized therapy solutions.

Flexibility to better align with your family needs

Intensive Model

Our Intensive Model offers the highest level of ABA therapy supervision. Children receive five-six hours of monthly supervision from a program coordinator, five-six hours or more of weekly supervision from a BCBA, and 10-40 hours of weekly ABA therapy from a quality trained Registered Behavior Therapist.

Parent-Directed Model

Our Parent-Directed Model offers three hours of monthly supervision from a Program Coordinator and three hours of weekly supervision from a BCBA. Parents supplement the weekly supervision and implementation by taking a more active role in managing the child’s program with guided support.

Learning Center Model

Our Learning Center Model features one monthly six-hour session at our facility or in-home from a Program Coordinator. The program is supported in day-to-day life with parental and community support. 

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